Man Roland 706-3B

Dane techniczne

MAN ROLAND 706-3B LTTLV (UV / conventional – Hybrid)

Year of man. 2003

Impr. 140 mil



Deltamatic dampening with Alcosmart Technotrans Beta C

APL full automatic plate change

Profit Plus Foil

Ionisation KERSTEN for foil in the feeder & delivery

Foil sheet guide

Profit Plus Carton

Carton guide

Ink temperature control Technotrans

Non-stop automatic

Deltamatic dampening with Alcosmart Technotrans Beta C

LCS Low Coverage Stabilisation

All washing devices


Strip plug in device

2 x Varnishing Towers with 2 Opticolor varnish conditioning devices for dispertion and UV

Chamber Blade System

2 x Quick Change Coating

3 x UV interdeck dryers ELTOSCH

1 IR interdeck dryer ELTOSCH

2 x IR/TL/UV varnish interdeck dryers ELTOSCH

1 IR/TL/UV varnish end dryer ELTOSCH

Extended delivery 910mm


Grafix Cantronic

PrintCom Start-Up-Paket

In production